Thursday, July 28, 2005

doug pagitt still doesn't get it

i wasn't at the round table, but i trust tony's explanation and cringe when i read things like this:

Next-Wave Ezine > church & culture: "Next-Wave: There are those who have said that Emergent leadership lacks diversity, both in gender and in race. How do you respond?

TJ: Whenever we talked about this at the summit, Doug Pagitt would say, 'Yeah, and what about those of us with hazel eyes? There aren't nearly enough of us in leadership!'"

this makes me so sad. doug still doesn't seem to understand that his white skin and penis have gotten him into doors of many more opportunities than those of us without those things.

hazel eyes - how offensive. i know he probably means to deflect an uncomfortable reality or ease the stress at the discussion - but to be so flippant when there are those of us who have literally NEVER gotten a place at ANY TABLE because of our missing genetailia or club membership.

please stop minimizing the true nature of the 'white boys club' mentality - it's degrading to those of us who have never wanted anything more than to have a voice.

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