Friday, July 15, 2005

condemned or damned?

if i speak, i am condemned, if i stay silent i am damned!

victor hugo, les miserables

well it was a trying, long, exhausting night, but i know one worth the effort. we only got 1/2 way through the information one hoped to cover, and we have agreed to meet again. i do know that it has exposed much of our frustration and confusion over the duration of our tenure here.

i don't think they were prepared for the level of emotion we both felt. they both seemed very uncomforable at times, and well they should. but we were heard and we were given the opportunity to give our opinions on how to build true community here. i truly do think that is at least one of the elder's hearts on this. the other one is a bit old school.

i realized during the drive home (liam and i each came in our own cars, so we had to drive home alone) that they define spiritual growth as better facts, knowledge and the right answers - we define growth in the ability to live in the tension, look more like jesus (not paul - or at least this NA version of paul) and do the soul care we all so desperately need.

two roads diverged... after last night i was very glad of that indeed.

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