Thursday, July 28, 2005

bloggers unite for africa - great idea garth!

garth has recently left a comment on my blog - and it lead me to his - this is the best part of blogging - finding kindred souls 1/2 the world away!

emergingBlurb: "Our blog community while global is intimate enough that we notice each other as links or in comment sections the world over. Some we feel camaraderie with as we track each others’ journeys, others we know of as the global voices for Christian blogging. We watch and comment as an unprecedented need presents itself in Africa. While we wait on the G8 meeting, thousands continue to perish daily, 3.5 million face starvation in Niger, 400,000 Sudanese have been slaughtered and 2.5 million are homeless and on the run and also face an urgent need for food while Western Africa has suffered a locust plague that ruins potential crops.

Now here’s a way we can connect on a very significant level and engage with the needy in Africa. Personally, I am but another blogger but confident that in this new climate of experimenting with the ways we ‘do’ our faith, I am challenging our blog community to unite and connect globally and make a difference for Africa.Being part of a larger cause tends to be more appealing as there is synergy in unity rather than individuality which motivates involvement. So the proposition that we do something that is culturally appropriate to us that raises money. It is pretty basic but if its promoted across your blog and your readers run with it in their blogs, the multiplier could be quite significant."

finishing reading his great brainstorms here.

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