Saturday, July 16, 2005

so where are the christian boycotts for things like this??

Business Travellers Against Human Trafficking » Child slavery case taken against Nestle SA: "Child slavery case taken against Nestle SA

Three people from Mali in Western Africa are suing Nestle SA, Archer Daniels Midland Co., and Cargill Inc., alleging that they used children trafficked into forced labour in their cocoa bean plantations in the Ivory Coast. The law suit was filed at the district court of Los Angeles, USA by Global Exchange, a non-profit international human rights organization, and International Labour Rights Fund, a Washington D.C.-based human rights group on behalf of the people who claimed that they were former child slaves. The plaintiffs claim that they were forced from their homes and made to work on the plantations 12 hours a day, with little food and beatings if they tried to escape.
“It is unconscionable that Nestle, ADM and Cargill have ignored repeated and well-documented warnings over the past several years that the farms they were using to grow cocoa employed child slave labourers,” said ILRF attorney Natacha Thys. “They could have put a stop to it years ago, but chose to look the other way. We had to go to court as a last resort.”
Nestle SA, ADM and Cargill have yet to comment on the law suit."

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