Thursday, July 07, 2005

how do you spell relief?

i awoke this morning with a great sense of relief. like a big sigh after carrying a heavy load that was finally set down. for those of you who might have missed it, liam has resigned his pastorate, (you can read a bit about it here) and we're really not sure what 'next' looks like, but we are assured it won't look like 'last'.

your prayers for peace (for me at least, i can't vouch for liam as we haven't spoken much) are being answered - please don't stop! :)

and i have begun the 'countdown' - 39 days until freedom! yippee!

we will be using this 'sabbath' time to take stock and rethink so much - we truly don't want to go from the frying pan into another fire - all of this is truly a gift that might have ugly wrapping paper, but none the less, truly a gift of time to find the ground upon which is safe to stand.

'the path' was such a gift to me last november, so liam and i will be working through it together in late summer after all this is over. maybe i'll be able to publically 'own' my own path by then?

all in all this will be good for our souls.

have a wonderful day and thank you for your prayers and support - they mean the world to us!

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