Sunday, July 10, 2005

what a difference a day makes

well, it's about to hit the fan, in more ways than one. the letter arrived in church members mail boxes yesterday morning. this is the 4th translation of the letter liam wrote. the first 3 were passionate, wonderful, heart-felt letters that told of the issues and let the youth know he wasn't walking away from them willingly. watching him type these out made me fall in love with my husband all over again.

after what i would call a threat by the sp that said 'you bring up the review and we'll be forced to defend ourselves' he finally wrote one that left it out, still told the truth (man that was hard to word) and made them happy. it will work for all of the adults in the church, but the kids are still going to feel like he just up and dumped them. i can't believe that they'd rather keep the adults from asking questions than their own children from being wounded... sigh.

well, the wonderful thing that is happening because of this 'don't rock the boat' clause in our package - far too many people know us (and love us) and know that we have nothing to hide, and aren't the 'hiding' type - so they are putting 2+2 together and wondering just who is benefiting from the silence...

liam and i have been told we can have an exit interview with as many of the elders we wish. we've chosen a friend from last year's board, and a very good friend (who is now 'head elder') to meet with. i was touched that they invited me - this will honestly be the first time in my WHOLE LIFE that an elder has wanted to hear my voice.

please pray for liam today - he's wounded, and feeling every ounce of the exhaustion this has stirred up - and he's so very raw. please pray that he speaks the truth in love and is able to have the words necessary as he teaches and does youth group tonight. i could weep at the thought of the pain he is in right now.

many good questions are being asked and we're being exhonerated in this process - it is hard, but good. god is honoring our responses and many, many are figuring out that they have lost a wonderful pastor in this ugly process. thank you for your continued prayer and please don't stop!!

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