Saturday, July 16, 2005

write on liz!

Latina Liz on Life : A few thoughts on "Woundology": "At Wounded Healer our theology is a 'woundology' that seeks to help people acknowledge that if you have lived long enough on this earth, something along the journey has or will wound you. However, we want people to go through their process of discovering and naming those wounds, do the hard work of inner reflection and start the healing journey so they can turn around and be wounded healers for others. It is not about sharing your story so that you can get inordinate amounts of sympathy or be allowed to do anything you please because 'you've been through so much'. No. It's about getting out of the pit of despair. Wounds have a way of stunting your growth in more ways than one. In relationships with God, others and yourself. In the way you make decisions. In the way you lead. Wounds depending on how they are dealt with can take you to another level or bring you down to the gutter."

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