Wednesday, July 13, 2005

blueberries, a reuben and a fan set on high

these are things i am grateful for today.

i took pink and buck blueberry picking at a friends house this a.m. i knew we needed to get out of the house and tried to think of something to do that didn't have an expense attached to it. it was fun to work together toward enough for a pie. we talked about migrant farm hands as we picked in the hot sun, reminding them of all of the frozen berries we consume in 'papa's purple pancakes' throughout the year - how much work it was just to gather enough for one small pie.

buck said "oh mom, i'm so glad you told me that. when i grow up i'm going to invent a machine that helps them so they're job is easier." i hated to tell him that his invention would probably put them out of a job - don't want to squash that young entraprenurial/seeking justice heart. who am i to say he couldn't find the balance, right?

came home and showered and headed to lunch with the children's ministry director at the church (can't call HER a pastor because she's a woman... SIGH...) and we had wonderful communion as she was able to share how hard this process has been for her - knowing it has been unjust for liam has given her the freedom to admit that it was damaging to her soul too.

so here i sit, in front of a lovely fan, pondering our 'exit interview' tomorrow night. i'm looking forward to being heard. for all this process has wounded i know being heard tomorrow will heal and reaffirm much for both of us. and maybe, just maybe they will put in process a venue for the remaining staff to be heard throughout the year in a way that values and validates each one of them. people will put up with much if they are heard, but when silencing happens discouragement and bitterness creep in too quickly.

so i am grateful today, even for the little things - especially the little things - for in those things we find our hope. blessings on your day!

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