Saturday, May 13, 2006

just call me mrs. clean

well, we got the keys to our next home today - and it's a mess. i knew it would be - but it still doesn't make the fact that it is any easier. ugh. i have been avoiding cleaning here at our current home because i knew we were moving. isn't that horrible. i figure i'll clean it once and for all (not picking up and keeping tidy - but scrubbing sinks, tubs and washing walls, etc) when we move out.

now i have 2 homes to clean... sigh. and the one we're in is HUGE! three bathrooms is too much. i admit i have LOVED having my own to get ready in - nobody else goes in - it's just mine. but 3 toilets, 3 sinks, 3 tubs... too much. it will almost make going back to one bathroom again bearable... almost.

that's going to be the hardest thing about this move - only one bathroom again. never judge a family who has only one bathroom for being late to ANYTHING - it's like staging a multi-level production just to get everyone to church on time. that i haven't missed. nope, not one little bit.

but only having to keep the smaller place clean will be enough of a trade to tide me over. it's strange though, there is much less floor space, but it actually feels roomier. the rooms are larger and the floor plan is much more family friendly. it will be good to get settled for a longer stretch of time. it's not permanent, but it's an affordable, long term solution.

and i can't wait to get my art up on the walls!!! we didn't unpack it for this move - and i have missed it so!! it's going to be the motivation to actually get me over to the new place! hope your weekend is going beautifully!

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Amy A. said...

Hope the move goes well. I know what you mean about stopping the cleaning process. You can't pack boxes and scrub at the same time.

Happy mother's day, too! Don't forget to take some time to let your family treat you special in the midst of this busy time.

Blessings! Amy A.