Friday, August 25, 2006

how to raise superstitious children

holy mormon underwear batman!

this is just asinine:

armor of god pj's

via bob


Michelle said...

I can see how the idea came about, but the imagery disturbs me, seeing as how our wars seem to be getting more religious nowadays than in the recent past....

Also, it seems like there are just more and more ways to make a buck off of believers. The commercialization of Christianity. Ick.

Shiz said...

Holy sweet amazing batcrazy nutbarness!

Shiz said...

Holy sweet amazing batcrazy nutbarness!

bobbie said...

i just can't get over how 'magical' the armor of god has become for some people. like an incantation - if you forget 'to put it on' all hell breaks loose.

it's almost become idolitry of a sorts.

i know mormons have literally 'holy morman underwear' that becomes a token of 'god's protection' - i think it makes this metaphor into a good luck charm and is totally confusing for children.

what happens when something bad happens when they wear them - or what if god forbid, the pj's are in the wash and then something bad happens - just like a pair of lucky socks for a pitcher who won the game. broken...

Jan said...

I first saw this over at I commented along similar lines to you in the comments there and had quite a discussion with someone who obviously regards this very seriously and was offended when I used the word "superstition."

logged in at BLOGGER but really am at

Brother Tadhg said...

I'm assured that no harm will come to anyone wearing the 'armour of God' PJ's or mormon underwear, allegedly, so long as they dont boil wash them. Besides washing at 40 degrees or less if better for the environment!
Yours Brother Tadhg

bobbie said...

hey jan,

i think so many christians have no idea how very superstitious they have truly become.

giving them a shock like that might offend them in the moment, but hopefully it will give them the ability to really start to pick apart what they believe and own the truth and throw away the junk.

thanks for your comment, i look forward to reading your blog!