Saturday, April 28, 2007

decisions and rules

oh my goodness - this quote has so many repercussions - it just popped up on my google page and i had to put it here to remember to write about it:

"The truth is that many people set rules to keep from making decisions."

Mike Krzyzewski

who the heck is mike krzyzewski you ask? deep spiritual thinker? nope, basketball coach of the Duke Blue Devils - whoda thunk it? this is so big i can't wait to drag it into the church and unpack it there... later though - my laundry room awaits!

we are getting a "new" to us washer and dryer today - my dryer has been squealing like a stuck pig since lent and today we are getting a matching pair - only 3 years old for $200 CDN! yippee! god is so good!


Sue said...

We used to have a raccoon that would visit our yard after dark that sounded like a stuck pig too, deviated septum or something. lol

sonja said...

I'd say that he IS a deep spiritual thinker, who is making his living as a basketball coach.

That is impressive ... wow.

Hope said...

That is a powerful quote! And yeah on the new to you laundry duo!