Sunday, April 08, 2007

still sick

frustrated as i am too dizzy and weak to head to church. pink is still fevered and feeling sick too. i really needed this easter service. i needed the resurrection after this long winter. i have to admit i'm quite put out about not being able to celebrate today.

the ham sits in the fridge and the side dishes will have to wait. liam said he'd cook, but why make such a huge meal for just he and buck to eat. you know i'm sick when i haven't eaten anything in 24 hours. gross. having to put the eggs out this morning for the hunt just about slayed me. did you know that hard boiled eggs stink? gag.

christos a inviat! adevarat, a inviat!

we have inherited the custom of my romanian orthodox step-father-in-law - they have an easter tradition where each family member takes a hard boiled egg and then the WWF of the egg world takes place - one person says "christos a inviat!" (christ is risen) and clicks their egg down on the egg of the other family member while they reply "adevarat a inviat!" (he is risen indeed) - whoever's egg does not crack continues to challenge family members until one egg reigns supreme. i just couldn't stomach it this morning. so we'll save our eggs, traditions and big meal for tuesday when it is pink's 11th birthday, and we're all (hopefully) feeling healthy again.

christos a inviat! adevarat, a inviat!

would love some of that resurrection power myself this morning.

happy easter all. pray you're celebrating in my stead.

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tammy Jo said...

i'm so sorry you are sick. . .the ham will keep, and celebrations will always be yours. . listen to your body when it screams to your ENOUGH! take care of YOU!