Friday, April 13, 2007

my ancestors were survivors

never had a chance... sigh... mix this gene with addictive behavior and whaa-laaa...

Genetic link found for obesity: "People who had two altered copies of the gene were about three kilograms heavier on average, and had a 70 per cent higher risk of obesity than people with no copies of the gene. Those with one copy had a lesser but still elevated risk of having a higher fat mass."

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Paul said...

As the non obese (actually, emaciated - I've got problems of my own) brother of an obese sister, I just wish this sort of info would get out there.

People are incredibly judgmental about obesity, especially in women. It's tantamount to a socially accepted prejudice, but I think a lot of it is real ignorance. My sister eats like a bird but she knows perfectly well people assume she's lazy, overeats, and spends her weekends on the sofa watching TV. Makes me damn mad to tell you the truth.