Friday, April 20, 2007

thinking blogger meme

sarah louise of the many pink sneakers was kind enough to nominate me as one of her 5 thinking bloggers - it's a meme you've probably seen floating around the blogosphere.

the part i play is following up by naming 5 blogs that make me think - far too many have already been nominated, but i think i have 5 on a list that i at least haven't seen post their 5 - so hopefully i don't overlap.

willzhead - i emailed will about 2 months ago because i had an 'ah-ha' - i had been grieving how frail tony campolo seemed at the last NYWC (he looked FANTASTIC on the hour last month, so i'm not so freaked out anymore) but i was telling god that he had better get on the stick and raise up another prophet quickly to fill tony's shoes - i had a sense after that prayer that god said 'it will take many to fill those shoes" - and will samson was one of those people i know god is going to use to speak into these deep places that tony has always proclaimed. i have yet to meet will and his amazing wife - but hope to one day!

waving or drowning
- mike todd is another prophet whose voice i adore. he is so passionate and gifted and i can't wait to see the platform god is going to give him. i have had the opportunity to meet mike a few years ago at linwood house, an incredible ministry he and his wife work very closely with.

the corner
- bob carlton is a most gracious man -with a sense of humor and the ability to tie together spirit, truth, concept and life in a beautiful way. he regularly makes me think and i can't count how many times he's given word to thoughts that have been hovering on the edges of my mind that haven't found words yet.

best and worst
- my anj - oh my anj - she has a perspective on life and love that i've never found in anyone else before. she makes me think and feel and understand and fathom thoughts and ideas that i have to reach on my tippy, tippy toes and can only brush with my fingertips. like that ripe piece of fruit just teasing me on the tree branch over my head. she is strong, she is opinionated and she is woman - i love to hear her roar! - renee, iphy - she's the reason i'm here. reading her words gave me hope that my own story had value. her's has touched my life in the deepest places. places i had blocked out, long ago forgotten, places that i didn't even ever want to know existed. renee lives in those places with integrity and honesty that is so brutal and beautiful - she's like the deepest color of purple that exists - so dark and rich are her words.


Mike said...


Thanks Bobbie.

Sarah Louise said...

oooh, these are like the cream at the top!

and it's not a big deal, but my URL is many pink sneakers. My blog's called "Pink Sneakers N'at" (It's a Pittsburgh thing.)



anj said...

What Mike said. I have savored what you wrote about me; often I get slammed for the very essence you seem to enjoy, I cannot put words to how much it means to me that you enjoy it. And I am working on my own five.

Hugs to you - Anj