Saturday, April 07, 2007

i can't be sick it's easter!

well - i kept avoiding the head cold going around and got the stomach flu instead. to say i feel wrung out and hung to dry would be an understatement. the norwalk virus is going around and even quarentined the local 2nd floor of the hospital - so that's probably what we got a hold of. dang.

i'm also feeling really "homesick" - missing my family and hating being so very far away...

i was able to get out today before it really hit and get some groceries and easter candy for a couple of families in our community. i love dropping off groceries - it's better than being santa.

happy easter.


Deb said...

I'm sorry you're sick. The stomach flu stinks. Big time. I hope it passes quickly.

Happy Easter!

~m2~ said...

Happy Easter bobbie, i am also sorry you are not well.

even in your *state*, you continue to inspire me :) i hijacked one of your quotes from rwk's place for my sidebar. hope you don't mind.

(((feel better)))

Sarah Louise said...

Feel better, and this...



love, SL