Monday, June 18, 2007

one last week of freedom...

canadians tend to go longer into the summer with their school schedules than i ever remember in the states. my two kids have one last week of school left and i sit this morning realizing that i have one last week of daytime "freedom" left too. far too much is planned for this week to take me away from that freedom time, but i haven't been using it as well as i'd like anyway. maybe the new summer routine will bring about some much needed change.

pink "graduates" from elementary school tomorrow (still has to complete the week of school though) in a lovely ceremony at the high school. she is so excited and had the tour of the middle school last week. big changes on the horizon for her. i'm taking her out for a fancy lunch after the program tomorrow. i can't wait to celebrate with her.

i am glad to be past this weekend as one of my more involved projects is now past. and it was far more draining than i had hoped it would be. i realized in the couple of days before that i am still leary and weary of church programs and still don't trust that people in authority have my best interests at heart. i still feel as if they will be pulling the rug out from under me. it's been a good learning process and i have stood up for myself a couple of times, which i haven't really ever done before. it's nice when your husband isn't actually employed at the church so you can do that...

i am developing a new friendship that is exciting and looks very promising. it seems strange to be so hopeful that we both bring each other a lot of joy and much needed friendship. i find myself afraid to hope though, preparing myself for getting hurt somehow. i don't want to be that way.

the wounds of the past are still playing into my present. i don't really want that to be true - but i am owning them and processing them instead of pretending they don't exist.

blogging this a.m. because i know i won't be around a computer much today. hope your week looks hopeful and full of joy!

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Patchouli said...

How fun! We did the elementary graduation, too--middle school for my baby??? Hmmm...and high school and college for my other babies? Where did the years go?