Wednesday, October 06, 2004

blogger test

hey blogger users - do any of you know if you can advance set the date and time to release or launch a post in the future while you aren't on??

this is a test to see if that can be done.

because i'm travelling this week i thought i'd see if i could re-launch some of my older posts that i liked that some of the people that have found my blog more recently might not know about.

i'm setting this to post itself in 10 minutes. we'll see what it clocks and if it launches itself... hmmmm.

RESULT - nope... it just posted the time as 10 minutes from now and posted it immediately... now i have to check the date - if you blogger folk read this it would be a great feature to add, kind of like an ebay auction set to launch at a certain time... kind of a 'while you were out' blog post for holidays and vacations.

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