Monday, October 04, 2004

jumping memories

i was just commenting on elizabeth's blog about jumping on the bed. she was just at a retreat and enjoyed the silliness that brings to life.

in the comments i cautioned her that it's a great way to let loose, but we have to remember we've grown physically since we used to do it as kids and remember that our heads are much closer to the ceiling now.

that made my memory jump to the first time liam and i returned to my house to live with my parents right after our honeymoon. liam was canadian and didn't have a work visa yet, so we had no $$ to move out on our own.

we were carrying our bags upstairs, and started to get ready for bed. we realized that it was just the floor seperating us from my parents in the living room (where my mom's hospital bed was). we got silly and giddy knowing that we were going to be sharing the bed i slept in through high school and liam got goofy and decided to jump on the bed.

he gave it a full leap and all 6'4" of him pile drove his head straight into the ceiling. i collapsed on the floor in hysterics as he collapsed on the bed in agony. i laughed so hard that when i tried to stand up and run to the bathroom i actually peed right on the floor.

that made him feel much less like a 6'4" loser because he now was the one laughing hysterically. i felt like a cocker spaniel who should have her nose spanked with the newspaper. he promised not to rub my nose in it and we've never told anyone about it for 17 years now (almost to the day!). that was a great memory to recapture, one that had been set behind too many different things in the bookshelf of my mind.

public service announcement - jumping on beds is good for the adult soul, just remember that the ceiling is much closer than it appears!

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