Monday, October 25, 2004

i can't wait to get on the road again...

for the past couple of years fall has become a time of travel for me. i never suspected this would happen, but it's been true. we just returned from dallas and in 9 (YES 9!) days i am privledged to fly to seattle to meet up with some fellow bloggers anj, deb and her husband jeff where we will then be heading north to vancouver to meet with more fellow bloggers mike & sue todd, stephanie, idelette, lisa and neritia.

i keep thinking is this really true? each time i pass my e-ticket i get this little leap within me at the reality of it all. nine bloggers from across the world (neritia is in from south africa!) who virtually 'know' each other all heading to linwood house to walk the path.

i am incredibly blessed and excited to meet each and every one of them that hold such a special place in my heart. i'm also a bit freaked out to say the least. what if i drive them all crazy? what if they don't like me? i know it sounds so juvenille, but those thoughts are going through my head, and i know from their emails through some of their heads too. we know so many things about each other, but we don't really KNOW each other.

it's the first time i've travelled SOLO, no husband, kids or even friends flying. i'm looking forward to this adventure. i'm also looking forward to the crucible this process of the path holds for clarifying my call. mike blogged on his experience at the path here. i just can't wait! (also i get the added benefit of being out of the country the day after elections so that i don't have to listen to all of the recount/challenge/who really won propoganda politics!) god is so good!

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