Thursday, October 28, 2004

complete cezanne

found at professor tim's

Cezanne and the Love of Color

Because his wife refused to miss a dress fitting, she missed his death instead. He painted to the last, a portrait in profile of his gardener sitting in a green light, with a sprawling shadow cast on the wall behind him. His son too arrived too late, preferring with his mother the rich life of Paris.

Then, thinking his fame wouldn't last and heavy in debt, they quickly sold his paintings, foolishly reckless in their acceptance of small sums. "You see," his wife told Matisse, "Cezanne couldn't paint. He didn't have the talent to complete his pictures." Her fear cost her a fortune. At the very end of his life Cezanne wrote, "Long live those who have the love of color - true representatives of light and air."

"Cezanne and the Love of Color" by Stephen Dobyns, from Body Traffic

complete cezanne

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