Tuesday, October 12, 2004

i'm baaaack!

5 days without a computer! i did it! :) actually liam brought his laptop to the convention and we never once touched it. it was actually a good break for me. i could have used the 'digital lounge' but the thought of standing and trying to post something meaningful or reading your comments with a line of youth pastors impatiently waiting behind me was less than attractive! :)

we had a great time on all fronts, it was really an incredible weekend. god met me there in so many ways and i am so grateful for the opportunity to have gotten away, alone, with liam and the change of pace served me well.

i journalled like crazy, so i was still writing and processing, and it actually felt pretty good to have a pen in my hand again.

next to missing pink and buck, i missed reading all of your blogs and words, i'm sure i've got a lot of catching up to do in the blogosphere! what did i miss?? :)

i now realize how difficult i made if for you stephanie (i am unfinished) to keep quiet about the convention - sorry, i so appreciate that you allowed me to experience it all fresh. i probably will process some of it here, so i promise to put a spoiler warning up first though (lilly!) if i write about something that could affect those going to atlanta in november.

so much to process and 'unpack' i'm not sure where to start. it's just really good to be home. i was awakened with a squeeze on my back this morning at 5:30 - i rolled over to see buck standing there - we got in at 11:00, and i went in and watched him sleep and kissed him and stroked his face, but he was sound asleep - he said with a catch in his voice 'oh momma, i really missed you'. it was so good to snuggle under the covers and scratch his back (his favorite). i almost didn't want to send them to school. pink determined that since today is really columbus day that they should be allowed a holiday from school. i almost caved, but knew that i needed the day to defrag my brain so i could be more present with them tonight when they get home from school.

so, i'm going to go and spend some quiet time away from the computer for a bit and breathe. missed you all! it's good to be back!

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