Friday, October 22, 2004

dear alice

i have obviously offended you. i apologize. i never assumed someone with such a formed opinion of methodism was truly a seeker into a discussion of faith.

because you explained that you are a new computer user, that would probably make you very new to blogging. one of the things that you will find is if you are voicing an opposing position you will gain more respect if you sign in or at least leave your name. otherwise it's known as a 'drive by shooting'.

i didn't mean to jump on you. this election and the division in the country, and what i see upcoming in the church is making me cranky.

if you do ever decide to read further into my blog you will find that i own my stuff, i really do. i rarely post such an opinionated blog post and i was touchy about this one. you got the brunt of the reaction to my expected challenges at taking such a bold stand on something i am newly forming in my thought processes.

i mentioned in the post that i was raised republican. i am the wife of a youth pastor in a large seeker church that is 95% filled with republicans. i use this blog to say the things that i can't say publically right now. it's where i blow off steam. i apoligize that some of that steam came your way. i should have never characterized anyone i didn't know as 'rude and arrogant.'

if you search for truth is truly worth it's salt you won't let someone like me get in your way. this is far too important to allow me to stand in your way or influence you negatively.

if i can encourage you at all please keep searching. what you will find is that people who follow jesus take all stripes and forms. but the one thing we have in common is that we screw up, big time. we're just usually the ones who ask for forgiveness afterward. and that is what i am doing now. please forgive me alice. keep searching. the truth is out there.

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