Monday, October 04, 2004

busy week

up at 4:30 (damn hormones) this morning and answering a few emails. i know i need to get something blogged before i take off for the day. i'm field trip mom today. pink and i are going with the 3rd grade class to the 'nature center'. it's going to be sunny, but only 61' high - so it could be chilly. i'm not ready for chilly yet... actually this whole week is supposed to be chilly. i want 70-75 fall, where did that go?? oh well, time to break out the winter clothes... unfortunately they're all in the attic and i have no time between now and when we leave thursday to fix that...

liam and i head to the national youth workers convention in dallas on thursday. we've gone for the past six (seven?) years and it is always a highlight for us. this year will be different without mike yaconelli there. we went to phoenix last year, so we got to see him there.

anyway, i am taking a 'critical concern couse' with ruth haley barton called and invitation to silence and solitude for the first 24 hours of the convention. i have been trying to get this pilgrimage in and have had no success with out schedules, so i asked liam if he would stay with the guys on the team for the first night so i could have 24 hours of solitude. he said yes, and i am so looking forward to what god is going to do. i really need this.

then from there we've got 4 days of great, challenging speakers, music, restaurants and fellowship (plus a hotel room without the kids) - so it's a great time for liam and i to change pace, connect and enjoy ourselves. youth specialties treats us like we treat other people. i am so grateful for their ministry in my life.

but i will be away from pink and buck for 5 days... i hate that, but it does make me a better mom. my usual help is unable to fill in the gaps, and while my father lives with us, and i know there will be an adult in the house he's not the most nurturing care giver. i'm still trying to find a bit of interaction for them over the weekend so they can get out of the house and have a change of pace. grandpa can get them dressed (each days outfits are in ziploc bags with everything they need) and fed, and probably to school on time (although i have a friend coming over to make sure that happens thursday (and hopefully friday) morning, but monday he's on his own! :) as long as they're safe i don't really care if they even make the bus, he can always give them a ride.

so, i've got lots of loose ends to tie up and laundry/packing to do, but just for today i get to go and be pink's mom. she's so excited she could hardly sleep. getting up at 4:30 this morning... maybe it runs in the family... although i can hardly blame my lack of sleep on excitement... gotta make the coffee... :) have a great day!

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