Friday, April 08, 2005

flowers of thy heart

cheryl at octillo's desert gives us our most creative (and delicious) flower yet! she was inspired by a line in a song from godspell 'flowers of thy heart'.

Flowers of thy heart
O God are they
Let them not pass like weeds away
Their heritage, a sunless day
O God save the people
Shall crime bring crime forever
Strength aiding still as strong?
Is it thy will, O Father
That men shall toil
For wrong?

So the music started replaying in my mind after reading Bobbie's post. My first thought was "well, I'm quite sure I'm not a rose"...and then a mental picture came to me. Wild strawberry flowers deep in the grass.Wildstrawberry Realizing what this means to me, I thought "no, no, not that".

After reading a bit about it online, it turns out that the strawberry is actually a member of the rose family.The strawberry flower itself is a rather unimpressive plain flower. Quite delicate and need to be somewhat protected, but what it becomes in the right conditions! Yumma yumma. Of course the best strawberries are the wild, hard to find and unimpressive in size. Nourishment to wild grazing animals. I find it a little hard to say i am such a thing. But i believe what other people have discovered about themselves is accurate.

strawberry flower
read the rest of her amazing post here.

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