Tuesday, April 26, 2005

out of the loop

well i now have access to my computer again, but no time. my bloglines are stuffed with what i'm sure are wonderful posts by you all, but i have no time to sit and ponder, enjoy and connect, let alone blog myself.

i've been sleeping much better and don't have the early morning solitude lately, and my days are a blur.

i don't even know what to type to catch you all up on my life this past month. all i know is that this pace is affecting me, i love the community part of it, but i really loathe the lack of contemplative time and serenity.

to that end i am headed to an OA meeting today, my first in years. my eating is out of whack again, and our recovery group at church isn't helping. i'm co-facilitating a group starting next week and i know if i don't get my act together i'm really going to fall apart.

how do you all do it all? my house looks like a cyclone has passed through (one that drops a granola-like substance everywhere...) liam is taking off the first week in may, and we're just hanging around here - i'm hoping that will smooth things out a bit for me too.

i can't remember the last time i've felt so overwhelmed by life. i have my first appointment today with the psychiatrist at the learning center to hopefully get a handle on a diagnosis for my learning disorder and possible add, adhd... that will bring a lot of calm for me, knowing i'm not going/have been crazy about my brain.

well ya'll, anybody got some cliff notes to catch up on blog posts? i can't see any time in the foreseeable future that i'll get some leisurely days to catch up on the people that i love, let alone the ones who challenge me or inspire me. (not that those of you i love are left out of the group of challenging/inspiring writers!) i know most of it will slow down in a short bit (couple of weeks) and i'm not adding anything new to the mix, it's just very overwhelming for this time.

have a great day! god's peace on us all!

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