Tuesday, April 05, 2005

slip sliding away

as the snow fell on sunday morning it was almost like a foreshadowing of the next 48 hours. as i wiped the wet, heavy snow off the volvo is slid on the sidewalk and landed on my butt. not one of those embarrassing falls, my feet just slid sideways from under me and i kind of slowly laid my hip on the slush under my feet. just what i needed before church, but i was in black slacks, so it wasn't terribly noticible and i didn't want to be later than i already was.

i did get my computer back on sunday, upgraded, but my greatest fears were realized as i checked the files hopefully transferred from our hard-drive before our friend wiped it clean... nothing. liam regretfully did not back up the 'my documents' file before he upgraded our windows program, and the disk was faulty and froze and scrambled everything.

our last backup was november... all of his art, all of my writing, including some book proposals i had been working on, gone. all gone... sigh.

it was night the brightest days in our year thus far to say the least. especially after the two week wait for the computer to be reconstructed. gracious, busy friends helped, but when favors are given time lines and patience are necessary.

this all began because i have recieved my FREE IPOD! (yes it really works!) and it couldn't run on the windows 98 i was using... sigh. so today i am ripping cd's and dreaming of a soundtrack for my life.

anyone with good suggestions for some $.99 cent songs at iTunes?? i'm putting together a 'girl power' soundtrack for pink and i, and i have the standard stuff, but would love to add a couple new songs in. also making a 'redeeming my voice' soundtrack - any empowering lyrics/songs out there? i've been so out of touch to the music scene.

have a wonderful day ya'll, ripping on!

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