Monday, April 11, 2005

seekers of the truth

an aquired taste

Today's Daily Dig: The Universal Struggle

Every individual who seeks the truth faces a struggle. Each of us has some sort of devil raging within, wanting to deaden and destroy something in us. We are all in danger of thinking we are doing God a service, when in fact we are just following our own will. That is why, over and again, we must tell ourselves: “Keep a tight rein on yourself! Stand by the truth when it dawns on you, even if it hurts, even when it denies everything the world has accepted as true until now!”

God’s kingdom comes through struggle and tribulation, the defiant challenging of the whole age. It is advancing, and people have no taste for it. But in the end Jesus Christ—the Truth, the Life, and the Way—will win. So let us be comforted; for the will of the Almighty shall prevail in our own time, as surely as in the time of the apostles. C. F. Blumhardt

but why does it feel like it's everything the church denies as true now too??? it just doesn't feel like it's universal - like anyone around me even cares about the truth (the real truth, not what they've been told is true) anymore? i love that the image with the dig today was onions. oh the many layers we live at.

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