Sunday, April 10, 2005

red, red poppy

wild poppy

my new friend susan at visual~voice has the most amazing blog. i found her when real live preacher highlighted her - she is so gifted and literally gives voice to my thoughts with her images and her words. you can't imagine how tickled i was when she wanted to join our garden! here is her amazing entry:

I have a streak of the magical in me, so I choose the Poppy as my flower metaphor. The Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz used magic poppies to send Dorothy into the deepest of slumbers. I was so taken with Frank Baum's books as a child, and I wish I could capture people's imaginations the way he did.

Powerful though they maybe, poppies are pretty high-maintenance when out of their element. It is extremely rare to see poppies in a floral arrangement because they just don't do well without their roots in the soil. Wound a poppy and it won't take long before they show their vulnerable nature.They do best in the wild... decorating fields with playful dots of brights red and orange. This is so me. Creative, sensitive, unique, and apart from the main stream.

I love the sound of the word, POPPY!
welcome vincent!

our garden is growing and blooming all around, we'd love you to join us! what's flower are you?

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