Wednesday, May 31, 2006


okay, i love the ocean, but right about now i'd trade it for a good mall - i miss robinson town center more than i want to admit, especially the IKEA!

i NEED this hardware for a bay window and 2 flat windows i am making curtains for - IS ANYONE GOING TO IKEA??

i will paypal you cost, shipping and even a some thank you $$ for your time. people who sell these on ebay are robbers! they are tripling the price and it makes me sick to pay those prices. (and their outrageous shipping prices!)

we have one set somewhere in the boxes, but i can't seem to lay my hands on it... i am not picky, and would appreciate any help, but US shipping is much less expensive (otherwise i'd beg my sister-in-law to get them in burlington...) - but i'm to the point where beggars can't be choosers.

you would think that a company that has things packaged so very well would be better with their online shopping - i am astounded at how few of their products are really available online. (so IKEA people, if you stumble across this post you are DROPPING THE BALL online - every product you make should be available online - we don't all live in areas (anymore) that have stores available to us!)

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Bill said...

Bobbie: I found your blog from a link at "abiding". It is very well done. Blessings to you and yours. -bw