Saturday, September 17, 2005

anyone want to make a 7 year old's day?

hey all, my son buck has been nagging me lately to finish something i committed to do. i am ONE offer away from a nintendo game cube for him.

i have received my very own ipod, and got them a nintedo ds already - and i've just got to coerce one more person to complete an offer so he can get his game cube.

you only need to sign up for blockbuster for a month (i'll even paypal you the $$ to do so) or complete one of the other offers on the list. you can cancel most of them before you incur any costs. and they are spam free, but i'll also gladly set you up with a gmail account to sign up with.

it is a great way to get things that we can't really afford any other way. i'll even trade for a referral - i'll do an offer for you on another site if you do one for me!

can you tell i really want to get this 7 year old off my back? :)

here's the link.

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