Thursday, September 22, 2005

laughed until i couldn't breathe

you know when you watch something edgy and funny you're afraid to recommend it to anyone because you don't know if they'll be offended? well, this is like that, but i'm going to risk it because i truly haven't laughed that hard, or seen liam laugh that hard in such a very long time.

this is another reason to join netflix, i'm sure you'd never find this in the video store - 'billy connley: live: greatest hits'. okay, he is a master of the f-shot, so this is not for the weak at heart, and some of his glasgow stories are for the home town crowd, but when he get's on a roll i literally could not breathe. again - do not show this to children, it's not filthy like chris rock or profane just for the sake of profanity. it's just his style, but it was just what liam and i needed to lighten up. enjoy!

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