Wednesday, September 07, 2005

catsup, ketchup, catch-up

were to start? every time i try to write about katrina and the horror that it is i am prevented by so many deep emotions, sadness, fear and anger. so much has already been said, way better than i can say it. see here. so i will pass and keep praying, feeling inadequate and so very moved.

we're still unpacking and trying to get settled in. we got some good news last night that made us both take a deep breath. it's not a sure thing yet, but some of the influential people at the church who were as blind-sided with this as we were are holding the leadership's toes to the line and telling them that liam's severance shouldn't begin until he was finished with work, so we may be receiving another month and 1/2 of grace, which would take us to february and give us a much better amount of time to figure out what we're doing here.

we're getting some really good direction on that front too. some of the 'big hoops' are looking a bit clearer. liam has lived with 'his words' he chose for the path and is comfortable/happy with them, so those will be coming today to those who agreed to help us blend them into a meaningful sentence.

last sunday i felt such a need, like a thumb in my back, to check out 'the meeting house' in oakville while we were up north. so glad we did as we got to see path participant and friend lynne (mike todd's sister) - it was wonderful to see a friendly face and it was a great church, tre laid back and it reminded us that god truly isn't done with us yet.

so i will try to answer emails between school assignments today and catch up on so much of what went on while we were gone.

i made a commitment to blog on finances and getting out of debt to a new friend, and i really want to fulfill that commitment, so look for some posts on $$ coming soon.

love you all.

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