Saturday, March 12, 2005

ask for what you need - part 2, or is it 3??

well, i did it. i humbled myself and wrote a couple of letters to the holistic endocrinologists in my area who don't take my health insurance. they both come highly recommended and actually hear and care for their patients in a way that i want to be cared for. so i wrote them each a letter and asked, near begged to see if they'd be willing to see me without putting our family in the poor house.

we'll see what happens. all i know is that i needed to ask, and so i did. gosh that was harder than i thought it would be. whew, i'm glad they are sealed and stamped and waiting to be picked up by the postal worker in my snow covered mail box.

it's unbelievable here today. fluffy white snow everywhere, and there is no end in sight. liam headed to the city today to attend the YS CORE workshop with his team. marko was going to be there, and that almost got me there, but the thought of having to have my house clean for the babysitter was more than i wanted to have to deal with yesterday! :p

so today, i am reclaiming the piles of paper, the unwashed floors and the laundry that my ADD just can't seem to remember to keep going on... i'm ready to post a big sign at the top of my basement stairs that says "hey forgetful one - you have laudnry to fold!"

maybe mental hope is in sight. if you think of me please pray that one of those doctors would be moved by my plight and treat me affordably. have a wonderful day!

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