Friday, March 11, 2005

sempre con amore amica mia

i want to honor one of my dearest friends. her story is similar to mine in many ways and yet so very different. her subtle passions are unleashed in ways i only dream of. she is the most understated sensual woman i have ever met. she is hospitality incarnate. her guests are sheltered in her care in ways unknown to even them, but it is the joy of meeting the unspoken need that stirs her. i have never met another of her calibre or capabilities.

she lives tucked away in a remote land reachable only by ferry serving god and all who come in contact with her, in a wonderful ministry when she could be running her own inn in some expensive travel destination.

even her words are welcoming and warm. i adore my friend stephanie, and you can too here.

sempre con amore amica mia!

"It was her thinking of others that made you think of her"
Elizabeth B Browning

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