Wednesday, March 23, 2005

in the garden - take two

join our blogging garden

last july i blogged on a metaphor that really helped me understand some things about myself, and as i posted i invited other women to ponder and blog about their own flower metaphor. we're still pretty grey and brown here in the north-east, so a little pre-bloom beauty in our world wouldn't be a bad thing.

it was a wonderful exercise and it gave us the opportunity to know each other and bond in a unique way. we created quite the blogging garden.

i was talking with my new friend susie yesterday and she used the wildflower metaphor (kindred spirits) and i mentioned our blogging garden, i realized that there are many of you who are newer to our circle here - and i would love for you to have the opportunity to add your flower to our bouquet!

i've searched the links to find those who have participated already. i'd encourage you to read their posts (links are to my posts, but within there are links to each individual blog).

so i would encourage each of you to take some time to really think about this. i know it sounds like a simple, silly women's retreat kind of thing. i thought so too, but once i participated i realized that this metaphor really unlocked a lot of things about me, and honored places in my soul that i had never realized before. so come on in, the air is full of fragrance, you are safe here in our garden, we'd love to have you. post your contribution and email me so that i can link to it and others will be able to appreciate your beauty. (also, if you read and don't blog, but still want to join you can email me your contribution and i will gladly post it on my blog).

here are the links:

deb at abiding
lilly at lilly's pad
jae at sparks
neritia at coming down the mountain
anj at living at both ends
brenda at beulah 1225
jan at shalom
idelette at idelette
candy at a little insight into my world
lisa at get yer goat
chris(tine) at tattered thoughts
maggi dawn at maggi dawn (my apologies for mis-spelling your name in the original post maggi!)

see what a beautiful garden we are? if i have forgetten anyone please email me - i will remedy this as soon as possible. i searched through my archieves, but it's possible i've left you out - i'm so sorry if i did. i'm re-writing my metaphor and will be posting it soon.

you know you want to be part of it now don't you?? ponder, post and email me - i would love to add you to our garden!

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