Wednesday, July 14, 2004

okay friends - what flower are you??

as i blogged today i wrote about one of the metaphors of my recovery - the sunflower:

the second to last metaphor i'll be bringing is a sunflower. at our last women's retreat the speaker told us we all needed to ponder what type of flower we were in god's garden. i thought it was a stupid 'ladies retreat' type of thing to do, and was very irritated by it, but upon actually meditating on it (reluctantly obedient that i am) i realized that i was a sunflower.

sturdy, tall and practical, can be planted alone or in groups or fields. have you ever tried to pull one of these from the ground? stubborn and rooted also fits too. they nourish others and lift their faces to the sun. even for a dumb ladies retreat assignement god used this metaphor deeply in my life. it was also a wonderful way to get to know and understand the other women i was in a small group with. i think i'm going to assign this to us all in the blogworld. (file for later)...

we've developed quite the modern day quilting bee here in blogland - albeit a global one - i'd love for each of you to take some time to think of what kind of flower you are. i know it sounds shallow - at first, but it can be a deep spiritual exersize if you allow it to be. i want to know what flower, what characterisics made you pick that flower and tell us all how it describes you.

if you just leave a comment that you have blogged on this i will link to you all in a posting. that way you don't have to fight the long comment blocker. i so enjoyed everyone's psalm 23, it helped me know each of you more deeply, as i'm hoping this little object lesson might too??

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