Monday, July 19, 2004

looking for work

since the fall is coming i thought i'd get a jump on the job market.

saw this site on willzhead and thought i'd give it a spin.

my real name informs me i'm perfect for 'second-hand car salesman'. bobbie registers as a 'cowboy'. i like that one better, i think i'll go with that.

liam's real name shows that we'll have to change denominations, his call is to become a 'nun'.

just for fun i typed in the kids names. it was shocking how very close those came to things they would love to be. pink is going to be a 'kids tv presenter' and buck is going to be a 'superhero'.

fun way to start the morning.

oh that and listening to mp3 of a talk by ian cron. recommended by mike at waving or drowning. thanks mike, good stuff!

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