Saturday, July 24, 2004

playing catch up

christy at dry bones dance and steph at just etchings are both touching deep places in my dry soul.

christy tells a story a friend shared with her about, oh heck, i can't summarize, so i'm going to copy and paste:

There was a guy travelling through the bush in Africa. He had a group of porters carrying all of his things, and the group moved faster than he expected. After a couple of days, he calculated how much ground they had covered and was happy to realize that they would reach their destination sooner than he expected. After they stopped for lunch that day, the porters didn't get up after they had eaten to continue their journey. When he asked them why, they said, "We have travelled too fast. Now we must let our souls catch up with us." So they waited for a day and a half until they felt one with their souls again.

and stephanie talks beautifully about having dinner with god in rest. both posts read back to back have helped me realize how very 'thin' i've been feeling. not thin in the good way, but in the bilbo baggins 'too little butter spread across too much toast' kind of way. i just can't seem to get my act together lately. i feel so out of whack.

when i read christy's story i realized that's exactly what my problem is, my soul needs to catch up with me. i've been scurrying and sometimes even avoiding my soul and i'm paying the price. i am craving solitude. i want everybody to leave me alone. i'm short tempered, impatient and irritable. i just want to scream 'go away!' i am counting down the days until school begins. my poor kids are stuck with this crazy mom wishing away their summer.

i don't think i'm going to make it for a month without a break. i need to schedule some intentional time - time for my soul to catch up.

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