Sunday, July 18, 2004

the kingdom of god is on abc

okay, i'm a fan. i'll admit it. liam always works sunday nights, so i'm home alone and i am hooked on extreme home makeover.

they step into these stranger's lives and bless them in ways they could never imagine possible. to hear their stories, to see their lives. to watch the renovation. i just can't imagine why the church isn't doing this.

each time i watch i see people who make no claim to faith acting out the kingdom of god in ways the church can't even touch. most of the people they help are actually people of faith. you hear their testimonies throughout the show. how they sacrificially give and serve and make a difference in their communities. i just can't get enough of it.

i know it's just a show, but each time i am moved to tears. such grace, such unadulterated grace. embarrassing grace. i'm hooked.

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