Friday, July 30, 2004

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getting tired of taking 'eye tests' every time you try to post a comment on a typepad user's blog?? if so - there is hope!

i guess because we are tech novices at our house and we have digital internet our computer has been used by others 'out there' to send spam to people, so we've been added to a growing list of banned ip addresses. many times this is caused because of malware or spyware that has hijacked it's way into your computer and installs a program that calls to the spammers letting them know of an open line.

ridding the world of malware has become a new hobby of mine, so i thought maybe you'd like some shortcuts. here is all of the best information out there (that i could find). the first is a helpful link that started me in the right direction. then there are three free downloads - totally safe, that will clean your computer of the hijackers (not like a window washer - but more like a purge of all freeloaders and trackers). they have been developed by people who hate them as much as we do. i've been using them for months and love knowing that my computer is protected from the outsiders who want to exploit us.

spyware/adware removal guide

ad aware free download

spybot search and destroy free download

spyware blaster free download

this website will help you identify your IP address:

how to find your ip address

and this is the dreaded 'sorbs' data base. good luck trying to get removed, even if you do you can be added again the next day, but it's worth a try.


hope this helps any and all of you. i know it's been an education for me, and i love to know that things i've researched may help someone else out there!

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