Tuesday, July 27, 2004

how to get rid of fruit flies - a public service announcement

okay, totally off my usual beaten path, but i was just glorying in the fact that my house is no longer abuzz with fruit flies and thought 'hey, i wonder if anyone else out there in the blog world is as bothered by them as i was???' deep questions here this a.m.

okay - if this is a problem for you there is hope!

step 1 - make a cone out of paper (like a funnel) and tape it so it stays cone shaped.

step 2 - find a glass or cup (see through is best) that the cone fits snugly into.

step 3 - trim a small hole into the end of the cone.

step 4 - pour small amount of cider vinegar into the bottom of the glass (malt vinegar works too, just not as well (i don't think white vinegar does though).

step 5 - insert funnel into glass (don't let the bottom touch the liquid) and if you really hate fruit flies tape the cone in place so they can't get back out.

step 6 - watch them fly into the cone and not be able to get back out - hurray!!

step 7 - enjoy your fruit fly free zone!

this is what happens when i have blogger a.d.d. - i can't decide what to write about, so i avoid it... maybe some depth of soul later in the day... have a great one!

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