Saturday, July 24, 2004

u2 chris??

our desert bloomer

okay, bad pun, but chris at tattered thoughts has chosen her bloom from the desert. she picked the flower blossom of the joshua tree (see bad pun...) and has explained her metaphor beautifully.

the tree will not bloom without the damage of winter forcing it's blossoms, and the tree itself cannot have branches without the flowering. it's a unique choice and her reasons run deep.

i quote:

"So I accept this metaphor for my life - that the freezing temperatures of winter may feel like they are damaging my growth, but that this very damage may force a bloom, and that out of that stress may come a branching out of my life and force my growth into as unique a creation as the wild, other-worldy and unique Joshua Tree."

see, told you! i recommend following the link and reading her whole post. welcome to our garden chris!

for those of you who might be wondering what i'm speaking about you may want to read here. we'd love for you to join our garden!

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