Saturday, July 31, 2004

maggie dawn joins our garden!

magnificent yucca blooms

the right reverend maggie dawn has 'caved in' as she calls it and joined our garden. she transparently shares of how doing research and tending these plants in her own garden in cambridge, england brought her to this realization.

i chose this image from the search because it was on the '' website. i have no idea what type of website it is, but those words described maggie to me. god has used maggie deeply in my life. her brain, her teaching ability and beautiful writing, her tenacity and strength, but most of all her passion for truth has reached across the ocean and redeemed a place in the heart of that 10 year old girl who sat in church silent and head covered, knowing that this was my passion too. i love theology, pulling apart tangled thoughts to find the truth - if only given the chance i might have been 'maggie' when i grew up. that she is ministering, even an ocean away makes the church a safer place for me.

thank you for joining our garden maggie, i am honored to be planted near you.

oh the variety and beauty of the garden of god. i love that he didn't just force us all to be roses, even though they are gorgeous and possess incredible fragrance, or sunflowers so the birds could feed on them, or even good sturdy, dependable daffodils that cheer us after the long cold winters. we truly have this vast variety, each different and beautiful in it's own unique way.

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