Tuesday, July 27, 2004

money where his heart is

this was tucked away in the bottom of the 'ministry tool box' newsletter i get (the church where my husband is employed is 'purpose driven', so i like to stay on top of these things...)

Next Monday, July 26th, Pastors.com and Purpose-Driven will merge into one non-profit ministry structured to serve pastors and their congregations.

Our goal is to encourage and support your efforts to bring health to your congregation, and to build your church around the five biblical purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and missions.

This merger is part of Rick's desire to be a faithful steward over the resources and influence God has placed in his care, and as a result, Rick has given all of the profits from The Purpose-Driven Life and the sales of his sermons to this new non-profit ministry. This will allow us to be of even greater support and service to your ministry as we all work toward the same goal: lives transformed for the purposes of Christ.

- PD Staff

for all of the flack he gets this is encouraging to me. his passion isn't getting wealthy or building his own kingdom - but helping other pastors and the kingdom as a whole. it warms a place in my heart to know this.

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