Wednesday, July 21, 2004

oh what a glorious morning!

morning glories

brenda at beulah1225 commented about the flower metaphor and shared a beautiful story about her mother.

i can't get a permalink to the story, and i don't want to loose it months down the road, so i hope she doesn't mind, but i'm going to post it here:

'i asked my mom what flower she identified with most. i thought she'd have to think about it and not really have an answer, but she immediately said morning glories.

i asked her why and she said it's because they grow in the cotton and are considered dangerous weeds. to protect the cotton the farmers destroy the morning glories.

then she said that as a child she would go out into the cotton field and try to rescue the morning glories by transplanting them.

so i have this wonderful picture of my seven year old mother rescuing small things, something she still does.'

i love that picture of her arising early to save the flowers. can you imagine this beautiful flower being thought of as a weed? the passion of a small girl already showing itself at seven.

i wish i could find out what flower the real bobbie (my mother) thinks she would be. i'm going to have to ponder this and assign her one of my own. she was very sunflower like too, but i think that's too easy. i'll have to give this some real head time. i'll let you know.

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