Thursday, July 01, 2004

bad news...good news...

well, i finally heard today about the piddly little job i applied for in the fall. our kids christian school was looking for a 10 hour a week guidance counsellor for the high school and i thought that would be something i'd enjoy. it would allow me to build into the life we've already made and not have to get child care for pink and buck while i worked.

i'm not it. i never even got an interview. as my girlfriend who's husband has just been elected board chairman says 'they run that place like a summer camp'. i knew if i didn't get it there were good reasons, but i still thought it would be fun to say 'hi, i'm a guidance counsellor'. isn't that dumb? why is the need in me so big that i feel i have to be validated by others??

i phoned liam about it and after he consoled me he told me that while at creation last week he was helping another family settle their campsite and as they got talking the husband asked 'what we did' and liam told them he was a youth pastor and his wife was a writer. that softened the blow for not being qualified enough to warrent a stupid 10 hour a week job at a school that is run like a summer camp. a writer. god bless him. i didn't want that dumb job anyway. (sour grapes always make me feel better for awhile...)

and the good news is that somehow our taxes didn't get filed correctly and we've got a refund for this year - over $1000!! unfortunaely it won't be going into our pockets, but will pay off the error from the first year we resided in the us and made a $2000 mistake that i caught when our taxes finally got filed correctly. so now instead of the bill that we've been paying down slowly we're only looking at about $400 left. so that is a huge help. better than a dumb job anyway! :)

reasonably happy in this life...reasonably happy in this life...reasonably happy in this life...reasonably happy in this life...reasonably happy in this life...reasonably happy in this life... breathe...

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