Tuesday, March 01, 2005

more fair trade links

anj and christy have given me a few more great links:

local harvest

co-op america

i was able to locate an organic farm that delivers produce from may - thanksgiving in my area - i never figured that would be available to me here. we used a service like that when i was expecting our first child and loved it, but stopped when my income stopped, and then we eventually moved.

i have contacted them and am excited at the possibilities of having a good variety of fresh produce again, and supporting a local farmer. it's quite the wonderful operation they have, and it will be fun to take pink and buck to visit and see the amazing work they are doing this spring!

i'm heading back to the dr. today as my lungs are still not 'right'. i saw on the 'singulair' commercial last night that one of the side effects might be 'upper respiratory infections'... i thought i was taking that pill to deal with this, not cause it. ugh.

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