Saturday, March 19, 2005

superchic[k] - beauty from pain

yee haw! i've got it in my hot little hands!!! it doesn't release until the 29th, but they gave it early to interlinc subscribers.

this cd was supposed to be released last november, and i promised it to pink for christmas, and it's finally here! i know i rant and rave about how much i LOVE this band, and if you don't get it i'm sorry, but i'm going to keep ranting - i wanted a soundtrack for my life that validated me without it all being about relationships, boys and 'luv' - and i want to give this to pink.

the cover of this has tricia's megaphone, it's cracked and bruised, duct taped and covered in stickers - to me that megaphone is a metaphor of this woman's voice - and she's been using it - empowering a generation of young women in a way that was never available to me.

you'll be so sick of all of the lyrics i forsee myself posting about, but i'm starting with the lead song 'anthem' - read all the way to the end - the last lines are the best!

for pink:

here's to the one's who don't give up
here's to the one's who don't give up
here's to the one's who don't give up
this is your anthem
get your hands up

we are fire inside
we are lipstick and cleats
we are not going home and we're playing for keeps

we are girls with skinned knees
we are concrete and grace
we are not what you think
can't keep us in our place

here's to the girls on their boards with bruises and scars
here's to the girls whose fingers bleed from playing guitar
here's to anyone who never quit when things got hard

you'll never let them say you'll never get that far
never get that far
never get that

we are fire inside
we are an army asleep
we are a people awakening to follow their dreams

we don't have time for your games
we have our own goals to score
we have trophies to win
instead of being one of yours

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