Wednesday, March 09, 2005

cool day

do you ever have one of those days where things just go "click"? today feels like one of those days.

we've been aching over finances here at home and have really been praying/talking about pulling our kids out of christian school and doing the 'cyber school' thing. there are so many facets other than just finances that are contributing to this decision, but it's not an easy one. we truly wish we had a good alternative for public school, but we just don't. so this is the next best option. we have not been impressed with a lot of the "christian" influence at the school, we see a lot of legalism and ugly christianity that i would like to keep pink and buck away from. unteaching science error is a lot easier to spot and correct than unteaching spiritual error.

too many times i see the fruit of those errors in a student's life and help them trace it back to crap they learned years before from an ignorant sunday school teachers or a flippant comment an older christian said. it's always damaging to their understanding of god and builds a walls in the path of their faith walk. i think it is the great myth of 'christian education' - sometimes i think less is more when the more is graceless christianity.

so today, i've had some good results tracking down a school that will allow us to enroll this late in the game, and i know that we can make up time by being intentional and engaged, so pink and buck will be well prepared for the fall. it will also allow us to bring some other things into our lives that we have had to say no to up to this point, like art school, voice lessons and ymca memberships, etc. and i envision nurturing the love of the public library and reading in them as i see the school really lagging behind in.

the other cool thing that happened today is a friend called and asked if i would lead a spiritual retreat for her and her friends in early may. this is a true gift. there is nothing i would rather do, and i will be able to do it away from the control of our church and fully incorporate all of the things that i have been holding back within myself for so long. it truly is an open door that is pouring fresh air into my life today.

and i just checked my email and i had a reply from blood:water mission in response to my request to volunteer to help with their upcoming jars of clay concert in our area. to be doing something practical to really help touches a spot in me that gives me great joy.

so, let the 'clicking' continue - it feels really good to be restoring order and planning to be a part of the kingdom in practical, useful ways.

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