Thursday, March 03, 2005

hi ho hi ho back to the doctor i go...

well, i called the nurse and decided to inform them of my mental state yesterday and to ask if i could stop taking the steroid, and they IMMEDIATELY made room for me in their schedule today... boy, mention instability and they do just about anything for you...

the nurse said it was definately a reaction to the steroid and i'm to get my behind back there this afternoon. nice to know i wasn't crazy... (again)... :)

UPDATE: i saw the physician's assistant and she said because of the skin reaction and the emotional one it was definately a reaction to the drug, it is rare, but does happen. i'm so thrilled it wasn't me dropping into the pit of despair - what a relief! i am off of the prednisone and my energy level is up and i'm feeling better than i have in weeks, and so relieved that i'm not going crazy!

thank you all again for your prayers and encouragement!

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